Madison County, Mississippi

U. S. Air Force

U. S. Army

Percy L. Adams ~ PV2 ,  US ARMY
James Brown ~ PFC ,  US ARMY
David Burks ~ SFC ,  US ARMY
Bartley S. Chappell ~ CPL ,  US ARMY
Pat H. Cobb ~ CPL ,  US ARMY
Dennis O. McFarland ~ 1LT ,  US ARMY
Samuel C. Odom ~ PFC ,  US ARMY
J. D. Potts ~ PV2 ,  US ARMY
Buford D. Purvis ~ PFC ,  US ARMY
Ben J. Reed ~ PFC ,  US ARMY
Bonnie Smith ~ SFC ,  US ARMY
Charlie Wilson Jr. ~ PFC ,  US ARMY

U. S. Coast Guard

U. S. Marines

Albert Prentiss Barnes Jr. ~ CPL ,  USMC
Lonnie Van Jordan Jr. ~CPL ,  USMC
Harold James McLaurin ~ CPL ,  USMC
Robert Edward Price ~CPL ,  USMC

U. S. Navy

Please feel free to submit the names and photos or your servicemen that fought in Korea. Please include branch and rank. This page is in tribute to the many local servicemen from this area.

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