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In the midst of a prosperous community of wealthy slave owners, about seven miles west of Livingston, was situated the town of Vernon. This place was incorporated by the Legislature in 1833. Some of the prominent planters living in the community were Dr. William L. Balforer, Dr. J. P. Thomas, E. T. Montgomery, Col. Guston Kearney, Oscar D. Kearney, Col. McCord Williamson, Col. Wm. Gartley, Jno. Lipscomb, Newal Vick, C. P. Andrews, and Maj. C. B. Greer.

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54. The sketches of the towns of Madison County are largely based upon information received from Col. W. G. Kearney, of Flora, Mississippi, and Robert Bowman, Esq., of Yazoo City, Mississippi.

Source: The Mississippi Historical Commission Publications, Volume V, Edited by Franklin L. Riley,
Secretary, 1902.


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